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When you first call the insurance company because you have hail damage or missing shingles. They will come to your house to inspect the damage, sometimes they will bring a roofing contractor with them. Then they will inspect your roof and decide to replace it, not to replace it or repair it. If they decide to repair or replace it, at that time you will get start getting a sales pitch from the roofing contractor. He will more then likely tell you he does work for the insurance company. Therefore making it sound like he is the only one doing their work. What they will not tell you is that you can use any roofing contractor you wish. I would still make a good decision to use a Accredited BBB, who is licensed, bonded and insured. All I am asking you for is an chance to come inspect your roof and talk to you before you choose a roofing contractor. If you have not contacted your insurance company and just want to know if you have a claim or not. What I will do is come out and do a inspection of your roof to see what damaged it might have. After I do this I will meet with you and tell you what I found and what the next step will be. 

Insurance Claims - FAQ

Q. How do I know if I have hail damaged? My roof is not leaking.

A.  In a hailstorm, must hail that hits your roof and house may be to small to cause damage. However, a percentage of the hail may be large or irregularly shaped, which can cause severe damage that may not be readily apparent and may not start to leaking for some time. It's best to have your roof inspected by licensed roofing contractor to determine if you need to file as insurance claim and have an insurance adjuster asses the total amount of damage incurred.

Q. The insurance company withheld depreciation on my roof. Will I get that money back?

A. Yes. Most all home owners policies cover full replacement value. The first check the insurance company gives you is the Actual Value (AV); what the roof is worth today with it's useful remaining life. The money that was withheld is call the depreciation, or technically, the Replacement Value (RV) and will be paid to you when the work is complete or most times upon the submission of a signed contract with a licensed contractor for the work specified in the insurance adjusters summery report.

Q. Why did the insurance company withhold depreciation?

A. There are two reasons that the insurance companies hold some money back. The first reason is to make sure that you get the work done. Past experience has shown them that, if they give the customer all the money up front, many people end up spending it on something else. The second reason is that they wish to make sure that you pay your full deductible. The insurance companies reason that, if you are given all the money to begin with, many people would naturally try to find a contractor who would preform the job for the dollar amount in hand. By holding a retainage amount, they can adjust the amount of the final payout based on the roofing contractor's invoice, thus assuring that the customer does pay the deductible.

Q. Does a claim raise my premium and can my insurance company drop me?

A.  For wind and hail claims, your insurance company can not drop you or raise your premium due to you placing a new claim. In cases of massive catastrophe, the cost of an insurance company's national average may raise a small amount in order to make up for the lost to stay in business.

Q. How long does it take to process a claim?

A.  Depending on your insurance adjusters' work load, weather conditions, and other factors, it can take approximately 5 to 10 business days for your insurance company to process the claim for you.

Q. On my paper work, it looks like my insurance company has already deducted my deductible from the check they sent me?

A. When most people look at their insurance paperwork they are confused, because they think the insurance company deducted their deductible from the money the insurance company has sent them. However, the deductible is the amount that the homeowner is responsible for paying directly to the contractor. The insurance company subtracts the home owners deductible amount on the paperwork from the total amount the insurance company allows for the claim, since the homeowner will pay their deductible directly to the contractor. The balance after subtracting what the homeowner will pay directly to the contractor as a deductible, is the total amount the insurance company will actually pay for the claim.   

Q. The insurance is only paying for part of my roof, and my neighbor's insurance company paid for their entire roof; why is my insurance company only paying for part of my roof?

A.  No two house receive the same amount of damage in a storm. Your neighbor may have sustained extensive damage, and you may have received none. The insurance company will only pay for the actual damages incurred. If the entire roof was not damaged, unfortunately the insurance company cannot pay for the whole roof, However, if it is border line, it always helps to have your roofing contractor inspect the roof with your insurance adjuster to accurately asses all damage to the roof. Sometimes insurance adjusters may not be able to see all the damage if they're not able to walk on a  steep roof and photograph certain areas.

Q. Do I need to be present for a free inspection?

A. I order for a member of our team to provide you with the most accurate assessment, it may be in your best interest to be present during our inspection. If it is not possible for you to be there then I would go ahead with my inspection and meet back up with you at a later date and time to discus it with you.


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