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                What is TPO Roofing?

The technical term is Thermoplastic polyoliefin, it is a thin, rubber like, single-ply sheet membrane material that's been used since 1989 for roofing commercial and industrial structures. The raw TPO resin is mixed with materials to resist weathering and fire, and white pigments for color, and  then rolled into thin sheets that are bonded to the top and bottom of a polyester fiber core to make roofing material that can withstand the elements.

  Where and how can TPO Roofing be used?

TPO waterproof roofing can be laid on top of a built-up, a structure of corrugated steel decking with rigid foam insulation and roofing board. TPO roofing material comes in thickness ranging from .45 mil to .80 mil. It can be fastened down with special mechanical fasteners or glued down with special adhesives formulated for roofing. Adjacent sheets are welded together with a heat gun blasting hot air at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to form a watertight roof system.    

             How long will this material last?

You can get a 10-, 15- and 20-year roof system warranty on commercial roofing applications. That warranty is not available on the residential market. But if installed the same way it should last the same time period.

Ole School Roofing will furnish a five (5) year labor warranty on  all of our roof system we install.

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