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31 Years Experience

Here at Ole School Roofing we are proud to say we are Certified Installer of Tremco Roofing and Building Products. They are one of the leading companies on the market today for their metal and flat roof coatings.

If you got a metal roof leak call a Certified Professional contractor who understands them and how to repair them right, the first time.

Metal Roof Repairs

Complete Coating Systems

Tremco extensive range of coatings are excellent choices for restoring virtually any kind of deteriorating but still functional roofs, decks and walls, as well as for new construction, Many are ENERGY STAR qualified and can help reduce a facilities energy use. All are easily installed without torches or hot kettles, improving safety and excellent for use in occupied buildings. For restoration coatings, gravel or even highly reflective white marble chips mat be added to further increase the roof's durability and possibly improve a facility's energy efficiency.


Tremco reflective, protective aluminum coatings and paints can be used on metal and other aging but functional surfaces. Besides adding years of life to the surface, they help lower its temperature, which can lead to less energy use within the building, and make the surface much more aesthetically appealing.

Aluminum Coatings & Paints


With Tremco you can purchase many different labor and material, leak free warranties from 10-,12-,15- and 20 years.

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